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Bruno Hovsepian

CEO/Master Designer

Love and passion for artistry – the design and then the installation of the design are what motivate Bruno to operate this company for luxury.

“Seeing it all come together – I love that”

It began 27 years ago when Bruno and his wife bought their first home, and Bruno began the process of designing and installing their Landscape & Hardscape.

When an Artisan applies his hands to his “ART” as Bruno does, there is often a process that begins internally. For Bruno, it is very spiritual. He first sees the design; it’s big picture and then as he feels his way through the process, the details take shape. It’s never a static design, he reserves the right to move things around, lay it out, step back and take another look from an internal process.

The growth opportunities in this market constantly inspire him. He enjoys sharing knowledge through his interactions with his clients. Bruno remains fascinated by how the minds of his highly successful entrepreneurial Executive clients create and that inspiration keeps him moving BSH into greater levels of growth. As BSH moves through its Next Stage Growth and Development, Bruno will continue to apply his intuitive eye to the properties he designs into works of art.